Thursday 24 November 2022

Ten reasons I love the Nestera chicken lodge

Just after I got the girls I was asked by Nestera if I wanted to try out their Nestera medium lodge, as they were 100% certain I would love it more than my wooden coop.

I loved my pink wooden coop, but it was a pain to clean, and wooden coops are more prone to get red mites in the summer seasons.

So I was very keen to try out the medium chicken lodge.

Nestera is the UK's leading manufacturer of sustainable, maintenance-free chicken coops with an industry-beating 25-year warranty.

Nestera was founded in 2020 when two UK family-run companies, Green Frog Designs, and Garde nature, merged for one eggstraordinary result.

The coops all come flatpack and take roughly an hour to build, could probably build it quicker if you're a bit of a whizz.

Everything slots together nicely and the instructions are easy to follow.



The medium chicken lodge can home 5 - 9 birds (depending on size)
I have six hybrids in mine and they are all rather happy with enough space to either huddle up in the cold or to space out when it's hot.


So here are my top ten reasons to love the Nestera chicken coops
  1. They are Red Mite resistant.
  2. They are made from 100% recycled plastics.
  3. They are super easy to clean out.
  4. They have adjustable ventilation
  5. Having the lodge means it's raised off the ground, giving my girls another shaded place to hang out when it's super sunny.
  6. The poop trays are a godsend, just slide them out and pop the dropping into the compost pile.
  7. Fits into the run without taking up too much space, meaning the girls have more roaming room, which is super helpful when they're in flockdown.
  8. The removable roof means I'm able to collect eggs easily.
  9. The perches are rounded, giving 100% comfort to the ladies when they're perched up for the night.
  10. Last but not least, I love it because the girls love it! They are definitely much happier in their Nestera coop!

So to anyone on the hunt for a new chicken coop or anyone who is looking into starting their own flock, I highly recommend checking out Nestera coops.
They have three sizes to suit everyone's flock needs, as well as handy accessories such as coop cams.

If you use the code HANNAH at the checkout you'll receive a 5% discount.

*Post contains affiliate links and gifted products.


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