Thursday 24 November 2022

Helping your child develop their vocabulary

There are many things that you can do at home to help your child become a master of words. Vocabulary matters in children's lives for many different reasons. 

In a world full of high expectations, your child needs to be able to communicate well with a strong set of vocabulary in order to be successful in the future. The key thing to remember is it is not just the classroom that will teach strong vocabulary to your child. 

You as a parent have a very big role in how well your child's vocabulary develops as up to 95% of it comes from you. So, what can be done to equip young ones? Here is some advice from a private school in Belgravia on helping your child develop their vocabulary.

Read together as often as possible. The key to a wide vocabulary is a long-term love for reading. Make it part of your daily routine, spending at least half an hour a day together doing so. Make sure not to just stick to schoolbooks as your child will find more interest in books that they relate to. Find a genre that they enjoy the most and go from there. ensure to read out loud to your child as listening alone can help them build a vocabulary. Mix it up occasionally and ask your child to talk about what you're reading as this will help them with their comprehension.

Use words in sentences. There is no point in expecting your child to pick up new words just by listening to them once or twice. In order for them to gain the confidence to use the words themselves, they need to know how to use the words in the right context. 

If your child receives weekly spellings from school, get them to write them down in a sentence and encourage them to look up the definition in a dictionary to ensure they understand the meaning well.

Make a fuss if your child learns a new word. If the process of developing the vocabulary becomes enjoyable, the more your child will be motivated to keep going.

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