Wednesday 11 January 2023

Forest School Fun

 Happy New Year!

One of my new year's resolutions was to make sure I get Bea out and about more, I've gotten into a routine of staying in and just doing the housework and avoiding people which isn't fair on Bea and she needs to be out doing things rather than being stuck indoors.

Both Bea and I will benefit more from me putting on my big girl pants by just getting out there.

So as well as attending her beloved Hartbeeps group I am making an effort to find new groups and places for her to go.

Like the boys, Bea loves being outside and getting her hands dirty, so I knew she'd have fun at forest school.
The teacher who runs it is a friend and we used to attend her other group when we used to live at our other house, she was also the twin's beaver leader.

Bea was pleased to put her new puddle suit on and happily got stuck right in.
The other children were all very sweet, it was a mix of other toddlers and home-ed children.

We got there in time for story time around the fire and snack time which was toffee apples and popcorn.
We (by we I mean me) made a spider hat, which Bea liked from afar. Spiders are definitely not her favourite.

Even though it was super chilly, it was nice to be out in the woods, Bea loved trying out all the different swings and toys that were dotted around.
She didn't spot the mud kitchen but I know that's something she'll love playing with next time.

The benefits of Forest School in the early Years
  • self-awareness.
  • motivation.
  • empathy.
  • social skills.
  • communication skills.
  • independence.
  • self-esteem and confidence.
  • physical skills including the development of both gross and fine motor skills

Jon and I have been discussing Bea's future education and have both agreed we'd like her to be home-schooled, so starting groups like this now will benefit her further down the line.

Forest school is every other week, and I have a couple more groups that I have signed up too, so hopefully, this is the year for Bea and me to become more social.

Do you struggle to socialize since having a baby?
Are you stuck in the same old routine of just doing the school run and then staying at home?


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