Tuesday 24 January 2023

Our Daily house cleaning rota

 Being a family of seven I’m often asked how I keep my house clean and tidy.

So I thought I’d share my daily cleaning tasks.
I go room by room once I’m back from the school run, and because I do it everyday I’m often finished by half ten.

I tend to start in the kitchen and then work my way through the rooms downstairs and the head up to the bedrooms.

Kitchen & dining room 

Clear away the breakfast things,
Empty the dishwasher,
Load dishwasher,
Do any dishes that can’t be put in the dishwasher, 
Wipe all the sides down,
Unload and fold the tumbler dryer washing and load up the washing machine.
I often do 2-3 loads a day.
Hoover and if needs be I’ll wipe the floors down.
(I usually do a big mop twice a week) 
Clean the fireplace 



Downstairs shower room

Pick up any dropped clothing and put in the washing basket
Hang up the towels and floor mat,
Do a quick clean of the sink and shower.


Pick up any toys 
Fluff the cushions and straighten out the sofas 
Clean the fireplace out (if it’s been used the previous day) 
Hoover and dust.


As this room is barely used I just straighten things up and give it a quick hoover.


And take up anything that’s been left on them 

Noah’s room 

Pick up dirty clothes 
Put any rubbish in the bin 
Sort his bed out 
Put his towel back on the radiator 

Ru’s room 

Make the bed
Pick up any clothes and sort out of dirty or clean
Tidy up the toys 
Pop his controller on charge 


Dust and hoover 

Bea’s room 

Pick up any toys that have been played with in the morning 
Hoover and dust.


Wipe clean the bath and sink 
Put away my make up
Tidy up Bea’s bath toys 
Fold the towels and hang them up.
Clean the loo 

Twin’s room 

Pick up dirty clothes 
Make the beds 
Tidy up the books 

Our room 

Make the bed 
Tidy up my hair things 
Pick up any dirty clothes 
Hoover and dust.

On days that aren’t in the minus I’ll open up the windows and air the house out.

Once everything is back in order I’ll normally light up some wax melts, one for downstairs and one upstairs.

Once the three loads of washing are done I’ll put them the washing away.

Usually Bea runs around after me making more mess along the way, sometimes she’ll follow along with her hoover. 

Other daily tasks I do usually involve getting more firewood in, setting the fires up for the afternoon/evening.
Getting bread dough ready. 

On days when we’re are heading out, I’ll usually just make sure the kitchen is tidy, all the beds are made and a load of washing is on.

Tasks I do weekly

Bedsheet wash 
Towel wash 
Deep clean of both bathrooms 
Sofa cushion wash.


  1. It sounds like you are really organised but with a large family I suppose you have to be. I do much of the same but thankfully my family are getting better at cleaning up after themselves. x

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