Thursday 12 January 2023

Why Is Reading So Important for Children?


In every child’s life, reading is going to become a strong staple in both the home and school. If a child struggles to read, or falls behind in their reading skills, they are going to have a tougher time with their studies overall. Starting early can help them pick up those skills, and reading is in fact a great hobby to get into and enjoy. Here are some reasons why reading is very important for children. 

Teaches children about different emotions and feelings

Reading helps your child learn to understand what it means to react in different ways and how they can help themselves decipher how others feel. It’s a good way for children to learn about many emotional reactions to things they come across. As many protagonists and characters will experience loss, trauma, relationships, and more, it’s a good way for children to understand these feelings from an early age.

Teaches children about writing and literacy

Writing and literacy skills are really important for a child’s general development, and it keeps children in the know with what they’re learning in school. It’s going to become standard practice for your child to pick up lots of different books while they’re in school, so getting a head start or reading outside of the classroom is going to really boost their skills. This prep school in London has a range of reading activities for children, including a library, for them to greatly develop their literacy skills.

Makes it much easier for children to pick up new vocabulary

The books are where your child is going to learn new words and phrases. In having new vocabulary to pick up they’re going to pick up lots of different ways to say the same things each week. It’s important to explore other contexts and how they will give your child a better grasp of their reading, writing and listening skills.

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  1. Reading is an essential skill for children to develop as it helps them to comprehend more complex ideas and expand their knowledge base. Reading helps children to become better problem solvers, improve their memory and increase their vocabulary.

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