Friday 9 June 2023

Should I Encourage My Child to Learn an Instrument?


Children should be interested in musical instruments and should feel able to try them out if they show clear intrigue, but how can you help them make this decision? Here are some things to consider before taking your child to an instrument lesson.

Does your child love being creative?

Instruments are a good sign of helping children feel like they can make any tunes that they like. It should be a fun experience for kids, which is why letting them lean into their creative side helps with their development. If your child is creatively inclined, then picking up an instrument will help with their progression.

Does your child enjoy listening to different genres of music?

Being musically inclined there’s a lot your child can learn from picking up an instrument. If they have a clear interest in different kinds of music then it will help you learn what your child can do when they pick up an instrument. If you know the genres they tend to listen to, then picking out an instrument for them to try out will be much easier, if they haven’t already told you.

Your child’s relationship with other subjects

Leaning into the arts can indicate a strong likeness to music over time, but it can also be highlighted in other subjects. Maths is an example of a subject that surprisingly leans into the musical world, for example, as your child has to learn to read music sheets and understand intonations from a mathematical sense. It will make your approach to music lessons a lot easier if they are able to work on what genuinely interests them.


Private primary schools will be on hand to help children pick up instrument lessons, but it’s important to let your child make these decisions. Musical instruments can be a lot for children to manage, with lessons and other considerations, or it could be the perfect avenue to go down. Just ensure you make the right choice for your child.

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