Sunday 18 June 2023

Fun in the garden with Wowowtoys

Now the sun's out and summer is definitely here it's time to crack out those garden toys and make the most of that glorious sunshine.

Bea loves being in the garden and she usually just runs around after the chickens or tries to dig up flowers that I have planted, so I decided it was time to get her a few new toys to keep her entertained whilst outside.

Wowowtoys has a great selection of garden toys, it ranges from bubble toys to electric scooters.
Bea has been eyeing up Ru's bike for the past month, so we decided it was time to try her with a balance bike, Ru had one at her age and he loved zooming around the garden and the house with his, so I knew it would probably be a hit with her too.

Wowowtoys had a cute little pink one that retails at £39.99, which is a decent price as I know some balance bikes can retail at way over £100.

Bea loved her bike the moment she saw it and kept saying 'mine', 'mine'.
It took her a little while to get used to it but now a week later she's quite happy zooming around the garden racing against Ru.
Sometimes he lets her win.

The bike is suitable for ages 2+ and comes in pink & blue.
The max weight is 20kg.

The tires are plastic, so won't need constant re-pumping
It's really easy to assemble and once it's put together you only need to adjust the seat and handlebars as the child grows.

What toddler doesn't love bubbles?
All the boys adored bubbles and Bea is just the same, she's pretty much obsessed with them.
She'd play with them every waking moment if she could.

The Bubblz unicorn pal comes with a 236ml bottle of bubble solution, it requires 3 AA batteries which aren't included.
It retails at a very reasonable price of £11.99.

Bea loves her unicorn bubble machine and carries it around the garden and house.
We have had many bubble parties since it arrived.

Any bubble solution works and is easy enough to work that Bea can quite happily switch it on and off.

Now next on our garden toy list is a mud kitchen!!

If you're looking for some garden toys this summer I highly recommend Wowowtoys. 

**I was gifted items for this post, but all thoughts are my own.**


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