Sunday 18 June 2023

How to Support Your Child's Mental Wellbeing


Mental well-being is very important at all ages and therefore will be a high priority in supporting your child’s progress in their studies and in everyday life. There will be a lot of thoughts, requirements, and demands on children as they start to go through their studies, which can be a lot of stress for them.


It’s going to be critical that you as parents ensure there is the right support and direction to help your child understand mental health and how to manage it. 

Here are some top tips to help you support them in a better way.

Give them ways to combat negative feelings

When a lot of these feelings occur your child could be at school, with friends, or on holiday. They may not be able to turn to you for support in these scenarios. This means that it’s preferable to teach your child how to handle themselves on their own.


Combat negative feelings by teaching your child to perform a mental health check-in. When they are feeling overwhelmed, they should try to take a step back to control the situation and see what they can do to keep themselves and others calm. Role model a good attitude in front of your child, so that they can adapt to moments where they will feel overwhelmed.

Normalise talking about mental health

Nowadays it’s a lot more common to see people suffering from mental health and should be normal to discuss this with your child. There’s a lot that can go wrong in our lives, it should be a respectable aspect to teach your child about and show them that there is nothing wrong with feeling upset or overwhelmed.


Make it a point to talk about mental health all the time, when it is safe to bring up. It will remove the stigma around the subject later on in life.

Explore your school’s options

A lot of schools will be there to help with a child’s health. Pastoral care is something all schools should be pursuing and is used extensively at this private girls' school in Surrey. Teachers alone can help point their students in the right direction with their studies, as well as activities and exercises to help them cope.


It’s a good approach to talk to your child openly about mental health. We all know that there will be moments in our lives when the struggles are too much, which is why talking about it openly early on can give them the support they need.

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