Monday 19 June 2023

The Benefits of Sports in Schools

Many schools will have opportunities for their students to try out different sports. From the lessons, they will have in physical education, to extra-curricular activities and after-school clubs - there will be a lot for children to explore. They also have a lot of benefits for students in a variety of ways - here are some that this pre-prep in Hampton has shared with us.

Helps a child’s physical strength

Sports usually cover a lot of muscle groups and fitness levels, which is why they are recommended to many students as they enter school life. It’s a good way of keeping fit and healthy while strengthening a lot of your core areas such as your upper body and your core. Repeated work on these areas will prop up your child’s overall strength, which is great for your child’s health.

Gives your child the opportunity to explore a new passion

Your child’s passions are what will be driving them through their school lives. There are a lot of sports to try out and discover, even when we’re adults! So, if they have the opportunity now, encourage them to pursue them. It doesn’t matter if your child doesn’t enjoy some of the sports at school, so long as they are willing to explore other sports or try something different.

Improves students’ mental health

Mental health is important in a school setting, with many young children exploring new feelings and emotions. Sports can help focus students and provide ample distraction for them. It’s a good opportunity to let children explore their feelings, while also doing their best on the playing field. Sports and exercise are often cited as good ways to improve mental health.


If your child has the chance to explore lots of different sports, then ensure they’re not wasting the opportunity. Have a look at what your school currently offers, and encourage your child to enquire at their school for more information.

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