Friday 16 June 2023

Helping Your Child Develop their Social Skills

Social skills are how we all learn to interact with each other, and it brings many benefits to children and adults alike. It’s often how we function and get things done properly, which is why it’s a skill that all children should be allowed to explore at a young age. From making conversation casually, building friendships, and conversing with teachers, to solving problems and making time to support others - we all need those social skills.


Here are some ways you can help your child with their social skills over time.

Get them talking all of the time

Shyness can come if there are not many opportunities for children to speak up and learn about who they are, and how to make meaningful relationships. To counter this, get them talking about all kinds of things that spring to mind. 


Let them feel comfortable talking about whatever they like, and don’t scold them for saying something unique - they won’t know what is right or wrong to say if they aren’t able to say what’s on their mind. If they are saying something rude then you can address this when it arises.

Get them involved in social activities

A lot of activities can encourage children to converse with others and make quick solutions for real-time problems they’re facing. Schools and nurseries, like this nursery in Halstead, will provide a number of extra-curricular activities and clubs to get children thinking and start to build strong friendships.

Let them work things out for themselves

Another good way of helping children is by letting them take the wheel in terms of control and ownership. They are then more likely to try out new things on their own accord, instead of waiting for someone else to do it for them. Parents shouldn’t feel like they have to dictate every moment a child has on this earth - let them feel independent. That independence will ensure they make the conversations first.


Social skills can therefore be easy to develop in children if you have the right approach to their learning. Ensure they are confident and independent, and that will make sure they are better equipped to socialise with others.

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