Saturday 18 October 2014

Park life

A little while ago I wrote a post about how I always dread taking the boys to the park on my own.......

Well i gave myself a BIG kick up the bum and take them at least twice a week, normally in the morning when we've dropped Noah off at school.

It's so nice seeing them run around and be free. 
They do actually listen when I say not to do something,  God knows why I thought they wouldn't. 
 They listen when I'm with other people so they would be no reason for them not too when it's just me. 

I've always had an issue with doing things on my own as I have far too many insecurities and always think the worst will happen when out and about on my own, but my boys were missing out on fun normal things just because of me being ridiculous. I'm glad I've given myself a push as they need to be out and about having fun...,,,,,I shouldn't be sitting around waiting for someone else to help me being a mother!!!!!

It's been raining pretty much every day recently so the boys have been getting cabin fever, so seeing as the sun was in the sky this morning I drove straight to the park once Noah had been dropped off. Yes everything was rather wet but it didn't stop they boys having fun. 

They got soaked, so I had to take off half their clothes before getting them into their carseats. 

Once home we popped on their onesies had a cup of tea and some pancakes.

Also getting them out, they aren't as crazy once home. 
Crazy Boys need to be walked at least once a day!! Lol. 

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