Monday 6 October 2014

Point+shoot #2

On Saturday we had a couple of viewings plus a second viewing! 
They all seemed to go really well, so hopefully we will get some positive feed back from our estate agent today. (fingers crossed)
I'm excited about getting a new house but I am quickly getting fed up of randoms looking around my house ..... Yup I've turned into an anti social grump and do have to hold back the "evils" as people come looking round at 7pm weekdays! 

On Sunday we made the most of the lovely weather and took the boys for a walk on Headley Heath.

We had a great time, we saw some beautiful horses, gorgeous doggies, hunted some dinosaurs, collected sticks and Oscar had a good old look at some horse poo! 

Some lovely people offered to take our photo, I'm sure if they knew it would take forever to actually get us all looking straight at the camera and sat still they would have just walked on! We are grateful they didn't, even though it's not a super photo it is the only one of all 6 of us! 

Once we got home Noah finished off his homework then completed his first toucan box - his box was to make two racing jellyfish! 

He was really proud of his little jellies and is looking forward to his next toucan box! 

What did you get up to this weekend?? 
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Headley Heath

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