Thursday 30 October 2014

Ru update ...

So Ru is 6 months old (excuse me while I have a little cry)
He has his two bottom teeth, his eyes seem to he changing to a hazel colour and his hair has a slight auburn tinge to it. 
He is wearing 9 - 12 clothes and in disposable nappies (which we wear at night) he is a 4+. 

He can sit up on his own 

We are weaning as I'm sure you have seen in pervious posts. 
I'm making his purées and occasionally using Ella's kitchen pouches.
Surprise surprise he does indeed love his food. 

We have a slight crawling movement, isn't spot on but boy does he move!

He has always been very chatty and he rarely is quiet.

He can say dada, which Jon is over the moon about 

He is such a super baby. Rarely cries and he sleeps perfectly. I'm so happy to be blessed with such an awesome baby (obviously the others were all just as awesome too, though I'm sure they cried more and slept less)

Here are a few of my favourite Ru pictures from the last few months.

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