Thursday 30 October 2014

Tulleys farm

On Tuesday I took the boys to tulleys farm for a bit of Halloween fun.
I have been to the tulleys farm shocktober fest a few times before, it's always fun to scream your head off and not be judged lol. 

In the day time it's all rather pleasant. I was worried the twins would still be a bit too young but they had a whale of a time. 
I did attemp to go into the boo barn with them but as soon as Alex saw a big witch he shook his head said no turned around and walked back out. I really wished id filmed it as it was so funny.

We did the maze, we got all the numbers on our check list so they all won a sticky skeleton which they were all very pleased with.

For a family of 5 it cost £55 which I do think is a bit much but it's half term
And we haven't done much else. So I'll let that slide :) 

Boys waiting to get on the haunted hayride

On the tractor looking a bit worried 

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