Friday 7 November 2014

BEAR fruit snacks :: mini review

So the lovely people at BEAR sent me a few packets of their yummy snacks to try.

The twins are big fans of the Paws fruit shapes and I've fooled them into thinking they're sweetie....tried it on Noah but failed miserably.

The twins are completely wild and I do try my best to limit their sugar intake, so I'm always on the look out for better alternatives

I feel good about giving them BEAR snacks as I know there is no nonsense in them and they think they are having a sweet, we just don't get that crazy sugar explosion that we get from other said sweets

My test subject for the mango and pineapple fruit nibbles was Oscar (Alex was asleep so he missed out on the fun) 

Oscar happily munched on them whilst he sat and watched toy story (obviously much more interesting than looking at mummy) 

We think BEAR fruit snacks are great and they always end up in our shopping trolley!

Have a look at their website for more details and their other range Click to find out more

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