Tuesday 4 November 2014

My top 5 baby products

Having had 4 little babies, one still being rather small I have worked my way through a ton of baby products.

I thought I would share with you my top 5  baby products that I would be lost with out ....

To start off with my top baby must have is ....
Gro bags 

All the boys have slept peacefully in these.
We have a massive collection which now Ru is working his way through. 
They really do give me peace of mind and they really do sleep soundly in them.
The twins only stopped using theirs 6 months ago when we moved them into big boy beds. Ru is now in his first gro bag and like I said before he has lots to choose from. 

Sleep aids!

Noah never had one as he slept with me until he was 3, so I was his personal sleep aid.

The twins have had a couple, at the moment they have the cloud b turtle 

They still find having the lullaby music on settling and know it as part as there routine, once that's playing they know it's time to sleep.

Ru has the Ewan the dream sheep

He has it on the womb/heart beat sound and it soothes him right off into the land of nod.

Amber teething necklaces 

Poor Noah missed out on this magic!
I really do swear by them. The twins had them .... Alex still wears his and Ru has one too. 
I never had any issues with the twins teething, and Ru has popped up his yep bottom teeth and I had no clue he was teething! 

Baby massage oil 

I'm currently using the above oil, I got it off an Etsy shop .... But I think the owner has now shut it down.
I have done baby massage courses with all the boys and I really see it's benefits. The twins no longer allow me to massage them but every now and then Noah will want a foot rub.  Ru has one every night after his bath.

Muslin squares

I have these stashed all over the house, if I was to put them all in one place I could probably fill up a chest of drawers with them. 
Not only are they handy to mop up baby sick, snot what have you, they make great comforters all my boys have become very attached to theirs.
Noah only gave up sleeping with one around the age of 5, the twins have a swaddle muslin that they sleep with and carry around and even Ru at 6 months likes to have one close by when he's sleeping.

So there are my top 5 can't live with out baby products. 
What would yours be???

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