Thursday 13 November 2014

My new favourite thing!

Jon treated me to a new baby carrier, as I really can't get on with my gorgeous ring sling and I'm completely pants with woven wraps .....
 I've been getting along fine with my mei tai until just recently as Ru has got that much heavier and my mei tai just doesn't seem to support him as much as he needs or I need. I'm getting a sore back and can only seem to carry him for a short time.

So I had a look what was about and decided on a Tula baby carrier. 

They do a range of funky designs and they even do toddler carriers.
I went with the rockets. 

I'm completely head over heals in love with it. 
Not only does it look fantastic, carrying him is a dream. It makes me want to have him on all the time, and it really takes no time at all to pop him on, which when I'm running ridiculously late for the school run (which is most days) that much easier! 

It's perfect no fuss or faff. 

Ru seems very happy with it and he has lots of growing room in it.

Now to be brave enough to try out a back carry! 

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