Thursday 10 December 2020

It's feeling festive in the Mini Beast house.

I thought I'd share with you a few snaps of our Christmas decorations around the house.
It'll be a picture heavy post, but I haven't done one of those in a long time, so forgive me.

We bought our trees on Tuesday from the local garden centre and got to work on them as soon as we got home, hoping to get it all done as a surprise for when the boys got back from school.

 Since then the house has been feeling ultra festive and everyone seems to be cheery.
We are definitely counting down to the Christmas holidays now.

You really can't beat coming home after a dark and gloomy school run to a house filled with fairy lights!
 It makes everything so cosy.

The Hallway.

I made a little wreath out of the tree cut-offs to hang on the lounge door.

The fireplace in the lounge

My newest Gonk addition.

The hallway looking from the stairs.

Our biggest tree sits proudly in the kitchen!


The hallway from the kitchen to the lounge.

More Gonks sitting in the hallway.

Our second tree, which is in the lounge and it'll be where Father Christmas will leave his presents.

This year's wreath I made, sitting proudly on the front door

We aren't really doing anything special this year, as we are going to be spending it with just ourselves due to other family members being high risk, but even so, it's nice to have the house looking ready to entertain.
Plus being heavily pregnant I think it's probably for the best.
My mum will be here in February for the whole month and my dad will pop up too, so I'll see them then and hopefully once the baby is here my brother and his lot will come and visit too.
Jon's side of the family we are hoping to do some local walks where we can see each other but at least keep our distance.

The house is so snug and festive, it really is my favourite time of the year.
Do you like getting your house ready for Christmas?
Have you sorted your Christmas bubbles out?