Monday 7 December 2020

29 weeks Pregnant

 Seeing as I haven't really written much about my pregnancy since I first announced it, I'd write a little post about how I'm getting on.

I'm now 29 weeks and finally into the third trimester.

The countdown is well and truly on.

Last week I had my 28-week check-up with the midwife and another one with my consultant.

My midwife appointment went well, all my checks were fine, we discussed home birth more and what we needed to plan in before February, such as a home check and getting a maternity pack ready to have at home for her arrival. Then I went and had my bloods done to check for anti-bodies and recheck my blood group and see how my iron levels were doing.

I left feeling pretty good and like I was on the ball and everything was going to plan, roll on my consultant meeting and it was a completely different story.
My consultant is lovely but she feels because I have already had a previous section I should be booking in for another one a couple of weeks before I'm due and not a home birth.

She went through all the risks I could be putting myself in and I'm pretty sure there's more now than when I had my VBAC with Ru, they all sound very scary and they made me question myself for a while.
At the end of the meeting, she did turn around and say how small all those risks were but she'd still prefer me to have a c-section but is happy to have another video meeting with me and my midwife when I am 36 weeks to discuss "what if" plans.

I also got my blood results back and my iron levels were really low, which explains why I've been so tired lately, so I'm now on iron tablets.

After a phone call with my mum after the meeting, I felt a bit better as she talked me through why consultants think the way they do and why midwives usually think differently. I am still very up for another home birth and I am actually hoping to have a water birth this time. I had a pool all ready for when I was due to have Noah but because it was such a fast labour and the football was on (home birth), the pool didn't quite get filled up in time.
So fingers crossed I finally get my water birth this time around.

My mood lately has been up and down, yesterday the hormones got the better of me and I pretty much spent the whole day sobbing over nothing and everything. Jon didn't quite know what to do for me and Rupert was looking at my tummy asking why it was hurting me. 
Thankfully the tears dried up towards the end of the day and I was able to watch some evening TV without crying.

I'm barely sleeping as I just can't get comfortable but amazingly Rupert has for the past two weeks been sleeping in his own bed to try and help me get some sleep. I was worried he'd still be in the bed when the baby was here but he decided he'd be a big boy and start sleeping in his own bed and when the baby is 3 he'll get back into my bed! 
I love how his little mind works.

We bought a car seat in the black Friday sales, so that's a big buy ticked off our list, I have a Moses basket and a crib ready, I think I'm pretty good for clothes as I went a bit mad when I found out I was having a girl. I still need to buy a baby carrier and then just some small things like a changing mat, a changing bag I'm not buying a pram as I plan to carry all the time like I did with Ru, I'm also not buying any bottles just yet, I'll do that when I start to pump - I need to double-check my breast pump is still in working order if not I'll have to buy a new one.

I'm not going to go straight into cloth nappies, but I have been looking at eco-friendly disposable nappies and though they are more expensive I will probably go with them until I decide to jump back into the world of cloth nappies.

I'm trying to hold off on buying things now until after the new year, and then I will be getting everything completely ready for her arrival!

We have also settled on her name, and I can't wait to share it with everyone!

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