Tuesday 19 October 2021

Review // Getting Personal With In The Book

I love reading with the boys, but they are slowly getting too old for bedtime stories and only really read now for school, so now thankfully I can push my love of reading on to Bea!
I was recently contacted by In the Book which is a lovely personalised online book shop to see if I wanted to review a book for them, I obviously jumped at the chance after seeing all that was on offer.

I eventually settled on a Beatrix Potter book to personalise for my very own Beatrix, as being named after the famous author it made sense!

There are lots of options to pick from, such as books suitable for babies, toddlers, girls or boys they even have books for grown ups!
Having a personalised book makes story time 10 times better, the boys always loved a book that had them as characters, and they all treasure their books even now when they have decided reading isn't as cool as it once was.

It was super easy to personalise the book, once you've picked your story, you just fill in the box options and ta-da it's done!

With In the book, you can add a personalised message at the front and with some of their books you can even add a photo of the special character!
They make lovely gifts and with Christmas just around the corner i really recommend having a look.
I love how Bea's book came in a special presentation box, great for keeping the book as a lovely keepsake and would also be a great baby present.

'In The Book put magic into every single one of their books by personalising and creating them especially for each child! From popular Disney classics to their own self-published stories, your little one will love flicking through each page and spotting their name, as well as their photo on the back page!'

I really love reading to Bea as I love watching her face take in everything I'm saying to her, she is so expressive and I can tell she loves listening, I am slowly introducing bedtime reading with her, so that after her bath she is nice and relaxed and ready for her night time feeds, it definitely makes that last feed a much more relaxed one.

Hopping into Life will make many treasured moments for me and her and will hopefully be a book that Bea treasures for a very long time.


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