Wednesday 12 July 2023

How to Raise a Polite Child


Politeness will help your child make a lot of key decisions in their life.

 It’s important to help children with their behaviour so that they can learn what is right from wrong. Helping your child with learning to be kind will ensure they know their place, and how best to engage with others, make friends and many more aspects of life.


Here are some ways you can help your child to be more polite, as well as helping them with their behavioural skills.

Help your child understand what bad behaviour causes

Curbing out bad behaviour when it happens is a good approach when it comes to your child’s social development, but it’s also a good idea to talk about the repercussions of poor behaviour. Acting out, becoming angry, shouting, or being rude to somebody can cause upset, rule-breaking and further disruption. In many cases you will find that behaving badly causes more issues than before, so show your child what that can do to them.

Talk to your child’s school

A school will be able to share with you what they do when a child is being disrespectful or unkind in the classroom or out on the playground. This is where you can use what they have recommended to you back at home so that the rules are continually reinforced. Another outlet that many schools offer, like at this nursery in Surrey, is pastoral care. This is where a child’s needs are addressed on a more emotional level to figure out the best ways to support their individual growth.

Role model kindness at home

Being your child’s biggest role model will also be key to their growing success. Have a good talk with your child about how you view kindness and what they can learn from you. It’s something that your child will learn to develop during nursery school and in big school as well, so ensure they know where they get it from. At the same time, you should also show how happy you are with their progress - praise them when they are being kind to others in public.


Kindness should always shine through when your child is learning new skills. Help them pick up the many ways to be kind and respectful, and they will soon become valued members of society.

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