Monday 10 July 2023

A weekend of falling in love with the Peak District

The other weekend we went off to the Peak District for a family celebration. 
Jon's parents rented a house in Litton and invited friends and family to join them in celebrating 50 years of marriage.

Whilst we were there we decided to spend the day times exploring the surrounding areas.

On the Saturday we headed into Castleton to visit Peak Caverns.

We were all blown away with how pretty the landscape was and how gorgeous the villages were.
We literally walked around gobsmacked.

Castleton was gorgeous and we had a lovely cup of tea and some cakes in Dolly's Tea House. The weather was lovely so we all sat outside to make sure we soaked up as much of the gorgeous setting as possible.
By the time we had all finished it was time to head to the cavern for the next tour.

The Cavern holds hourly guided tours, there are many caverns in the Peak District but this was one of a few that Bea could go into as a few are for children 4+.

All the boys loved exploring the cavern, Oscar got to make a rope washing line, the same way the rope makers used to do back in the day.
They were very amused by the name of the cavern which was the 'Devil's Arse'.
Ru even got a hat with the name on and all throughout the tour they were giggling away, even when they got to the Devil's Arse which apparently does have a farting season, which much to the boy's disappointment had finished 9 weeks ago.

Bea loved going deeper into the cave and even Noah was taking lots of his own pictures to show off to his mates.
When a teenager is having a good time, you've defiantly picked a great day out.

On the way back to the house we drove through Winnats Pass, it was stunning!
To be honest you could drive around the Peak District and be stunned by everything.
We had planned to head into Bakewell to pick up some Bakewell tarts but the roads were all closed off due to the village carnival.

Back at the house, everyone got ready for the evening meal which was being cooked by a chef.
The kids were all very excited for a fancy meal.

The dinner was lovely and it was great to hear some lovely speeches.

On the Sunday, before we headed back to Norfolk we made a pitstop at Bakewell, as we needed those Bakewell tarts to make the trip complete.

Another gorgeous village to wander around and some very lovely shops.
The boys loved the old-fashioned sweet shops and Bea loved the toy shop, Ru was able to get some Prime in one of the corner shops and we managed to buy some tarts for the journey home.

We had such an amazing time and we shall be returning back to the Peak District to do even more exploring in the not too distant future.


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