Tuesday 11 July 2023

Top Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read


Reading is a fun activity, but it’s also an educational one that your child should feel encouraged with when they get older. 

Having the skills in place to pick up new areas of writing, and develop their confidence and their intelligence will all come a part of learning to read. Helping your child to pick up a book each week will give them a wealth of benefits.


Here are some top tips to help your child learn to read and to do it on a regular basis.

Start out small

Heading to a much more complex story only worries children.

 Ideally, they should be starting from the first reading books they will use to develop their vocabulary and spelling. As they get used to different words and phrases you can slowly advance their reading material. Ensure the stories they read are fun and exciting for children, as they should be finding ways to naturally pick up a book for themselves.

Explore different genres

A lot of children are pigeonholed into reading the same sorts of stories when there are so many genres out there waiting to be explored. The better your child’s sense of different interests, the more they will be willing to try out new stories and learn to enjoy them. Your child might really enjoy superhero stories, in which case a comic book might be better suited to them.

Work on their vocabulary

Vocab development will be important at many different stages in a child’s school life, especially when they’re in their first years of school. Make time to work on this particular area of their studies by playing word games, using sing-along songs, or even using fridge magnets to spell out words.


It’s actually very important to see your child do well in their reading as they will need to use it for the rest of their lives. Should you be struggling to find the best approach to support your child, we recommend talking to this prep school in Oxfordshire for further advice.

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