Sunday 23 July 2023

Meet Luna

 Recently we decided that we wouldn't add any more animals to the house, three cats, six chickens, one dog, and a fish seemed like plenty.

That was until Noah went off to work experience with Jon, and one of the houses they visited last week (Jon audits other gas engineers' work) had six kittens and didn't want any of them. 

Noah got straight onto the phone to me and asked if he could have one as we didn't have one in this colour so made sense to say yes.

I left the decision with Jon and when they returned home they'd brought back this little bundle of fluff, Luna.

She's only 5 weeks old, so not really meant to be away from her mother, but apparently, the mum cat wasn't feeding them anymore and the human mum didn't want to deal with them either.

Jon and Noah picked up some kitten food on his way home to try her on.
She wasn't so keen on the wet food he bought, but luckily he had to take Odin to the vet so was able to speak to them about her.
They gave him some special kitten formula and some syringes to feed it with. 

As soon as he was home, I knocked it up and she took to it straight away.
I'm now feeding her every 4 to 5 hours.
She is also taking dry kitten food.

I can already feel her putting weight on and she's much more active now.

All the kids adore her, Ray isn't bothered by her, and the other three cats are keeping their distance but popping their heads around the door every now and then.
Hopefully, they'll warm to her soon.

We may have said no originally having no more pets but Luna definitely feels like she was meant to be a part of our family.

I make sure to share lots of updates on little Luna in the coming weeks.

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