Friday 12 September 2014

One parent down, sick mummy, nursery visit....

This week has been pretty pants.
Jon went away on business, he's back tonight! 
I came down with a cold and I'm feeling like poo,
It's been 4 boys against an out of action mummy.
It's not been a fair fight!

So I haven't been able to blog.
I've also been nominated to write a blog......which will be done as soon as I'm back on form! :)

The good things this week have been - 
Visiting a nursery and getting a space for the twins, they start on the 25th September. 

They're excited.....I'm excited

They're only going to half a day once a week as that's all we can afford at the moment but to be honest that's probably enough to start off with. 

We also went on a little lunch date with Mimi to the garden centre.

Ru got weighed on Sunday and is now a chunky 17lb5 and is fitting snugly into 6-12 month clothing. He's not even 5 months yet :( 

Noah has had a good week at school and got lots of home work 👎 
We have been doing it daily so it's not a last minute rush like we ended up doing last term!
Silly mummy.
He had a camping day on Tuesday which he really really loved. 
He had to take in 5 items which he thought were essential camping items 
He took
A sleeping bag
A camping mug
Camping food trays
Tin of soup 
And a torch! 

I think I need to invest in a tent so he can go camping in the garden. 

My favourite photo of the week was taken on Sunday whilst over at my patents!
My dad's new toy is a wheelbarrow!
The kids loves their little rides in it around the garden.

Right I need to go and dose up on some lemsip. 
I shall blog again when I'm back in the world of the living! 

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