Tuesday 30 September 2014

Ella's kitchen - first tastes review

I have used Ella's kitchen foods on all my boys, the twins still eat the snacks and have the squeezey fruit smoothies such as the purple one, the red one and the green one! 

........now it seems it's little Ru's turn to try it out. 
I wanted to wait till Ru was 6 months (the recommended age to wean), but my chunk is ready now :( it's sad that he's growing up but it's also exciting to be on to an new adventure with him. 

I weaned Noah early and the twins didn't really wean till they were over 6 months.
I've had enough little ones to know what signs to look for and so on.

Your baby is ready to start weaning when they can do three key things:
  • Sit up - with their head held steady
  • Feed themselves - look at food, grab it, and put it in their mouth by themselves
  • Swallow food - babies who aren't quite ready for solids often push their food back out with their tongue
It's always a good idea to talk to your health visitor before you wean, specially if you do it before 6 months.

I emailed the lovely lovely people at Ella's Kitchen about doing a review on their pouches and they were ever so helpful. 
They also sent me a lovely box filled with 6 70g pouches for Ru to test.

On tonight's menu it's prunes prunes prunes!

No Ru you can't eat the packet!

Seeing as this is Ru's first time with food I was expecting it to go all wrong.......but the little chunk I have created ate like a pro! You would have thought he'd be eating for months the way he gobbled it up.

I was only going to feed him half but he cried when I took it away so I let him finish it!
After the pouch was all finished we were left with one happy but slightly messy bub!

I do intend make Ru's food myself but I always like to have a ready to use selection for the times when I'm feeling lazy or when I'm in a rush. 
There's nothing better than knowing you are feeding your baby the best even when it comes from a pouch. 

A little bit about Ella's pouches 

·         The First Tastes range is aimed at babies from four months and includes nine yummy tastes

·         Each pouch contains nothing but one single deeelicious fruit or veggie

·         The squishy pouches are perfect for introducing little ones to a variety of tastes right at the start of their weaning journey, encouraging them to grow up to be good little eaters and introducing healthy eating habits that last a lifetime

·         The 70g pouches are the perfect size for little tummies

·         They’re super convenient and perfect for popping in your changing bag for use on-the-go

·         Tastes can be mixed with baby rice or cereal for slightly older babies to enjoy as a scrummy snack or dessert
You can also collect all your pouches and send them back to be recycled. 

Every time I'm down the baby isle (which is a lot, it's my favourite isle to be in! Sad I know lol) I'm always noticing more and more of  Ella's kitchen range. Some look so  yummy that I would eat them! 

Our weaning adventure has started and it looks like it's going to be an exciting one!

For more info on Ella's Kitchen, head over to their fab website  https://www.ellaskitchen.co.uk 

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