Monday 1 September 2014

Time to move on

So it's official our house is on the market! 

This fills me with great sadness as well as excitement. Even though from the outside this house isn't much to look at and it's the same as all the others on the street, the memories what we have made inside are what count.

The twins first steps 

The twins first words 

Noah's first day at school

Jon asking me to marry him

The first night the twins slept in big boy beds

And the biggest memory of birth to Ru in Noah's room.

I've already moved away from the house where Noah was born and really wanted to have Ru grow up in the house where he was born. 

There really isn't much of a choice to stay here anymore as it's too much of a struggle since Jon had to change job rolls due to him breaking his back and not being able to continue being an engineer. So with a new job roll comes a new pay packet and that doesn't quite stretch that far. 

So we've decided to move to Kent, the other side of Jon's work where we can buy a bigger house for less money. We will be able to put money back into our mortgage which will make the payments down and we will have more money to do things as a family at the weekends, which we are unable to do at the mo, as all our money goes on bills and we have little left to do anything with. 

Really it makes sense and I know we will make lots new memories in the new house but it will be hard to say goodbye to this house. 

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