Saturday 20 September 2014

Panda drinks - review

I'm sure everyone remembers panda pops!?!
I used to buy them secretly on the way to school, my favourites were cherry aid and lemonade.

Well forget them, Panda drinks are back and they're now better than ever,  as they're minus all the rubbish and only contain nautral fruit flavours! 

There key messages -

• made with only nautral fruit flavours 
• contains no added sugar
• contains no artificial colours or flavours. 

The lovely people at Panda sent me 8 bottles. The flavours I have are 
*Raspberry juice x2
*Panda Splash blackcurrent flavoured water x2
*Panda Splash orange and pineapple flavoured water x2
*Blackcurrent juice x2

As soon as they turned up and Noah saw them he got excited..........

what is it that makes a drink in a sports bottle so exciting???

I really try to limit the boys sugar intake as they are already crazy enough thank you very much. I don't want to fuel them with artificial rubbish to make them even more crazy. 

I let Noah have first dibs on which flavour he wanted and he picked Raspberry juice

He loved his, I gave the boys the black current juices and they downed them in seconds 

My partner even agreed they tasted nice.

The Panda drinks have been a big hit in our house and I'm sure I'll be made to buy some more when we run out of the ones I have been sent. 

You can Panda drinks on Facebook here ::

And follow them on twitter 

Their website 

**disclaimer - I was sent the drinks free of charge and the thoughts are totally mine and my boys own! 

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