Friday 9 September 2016

Adventure Days With Sharky and George

~ Beware this is a heavy picture post ~

The last week of the summer holidays we were invited along to an adventure day in Hyde Park run by the fabulous Sharky and George team.

There were three teams, the team leaders were Sharky, George and Tom.
Noah went off into Sharky's team and the twins went in George's team,
Alex was pretty up for it but Oscar became rather shy and didn't want to join in with out me by his side.

Each team would do a different activity and then swap once it was finished.
There was Rocket building,
Survival training and Circus skills.

As soon as Oscar saw they were building rockets his shyness disappeared and he got stuck in.

George was fantastic with the twins and really made an effort making sure they felt ok and it took no time for them to warm to him.

They loved watching the rocket shoot into the sky and then run around trying to catch it.
I had to jump out the way from falling rockets a few times!

Whilst the twins were busy shooting rockets into the sky, Noah was over with Sharky learning some circus skills.

Noah doesn't have the best hand to eye coordination but he gave it his best shot and once he got the hang of it he loved it. 

Once they had all finished with their first activity they went on to the next.
The twins went over to Sharky and learnt some circus skills and Noah went off with Tom to leave some survival skills.

The twins enjoyed this just as much as building their rockets.
When the time came to switch groups the twins needed the loo, so Jenny took them off to the loo's and I watched Noah's group build their rockets.

By the time the twins came back and ran across the park to Tom, the group had finished and they were on the way back.
I don't think the twins were too gutted as they didn't seem to like the idea of eating bugs.
Unlike Noah who proudly announced he ate a maggot!

To which I replied if you can eat maggots surely you should be able to eat potatoes!

The guys got all the kids to sit down on the mats and decorate there special Sharky & George hats any way they liked!

Alex and Oscar got me to write their names on theirs and then they drew a few scribbles. Noah decided to draw his favourite Pokémon on his!
His Charmander looked as though it was sporting a rather large "trouser snake" to which me and Jenny giggled away at, but then that resulted in Noah hiding his hat as soon as he got home.
So no pictures to share of that.

After they were done decorating their hats, they all had a snack and some ice cold water.
Then George got out his marshmallow gun!
Who knew those existed because I surely didn't!

The kids all lined up in front with their mouths hanging open, ready to catch the marshmallows.
Noah was one of the first to catch one, which I'm not surprised about.
He can open his mouth extremely wide when sweet things are around.

Alex was far too busy sitting on the rug enjoying his snack and water to get involved with the marshmallow catching. He was so into his snack that he didn't even move when kids were jumping over him to get to the marshmallows.

The day the consisted of doing Sock Bubble experiments, big bubble blowing and races.

The only way to end an absolutely awesome day was with a water balloon fight of course!

Seeing the kids all screech with laughter was lovely to see.
The fight to get the wettest was on!
I think Tom won that, as he had a few land right on his head!

Before the guys said goodbye they got all the kids to sign the board with their name.
George helped Alex write his and I think Sharky help Oscar.

The boys had a fantastic time and they loved the guys!
They spoke about them all the way home.

Not only do the guys at Sharky and George do Adventure Days they also host the best kids parties ever!
If you'd like to find out more about Sharky & George why not head to their website

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