Sunday 4 September 2016

Thomas & Friends Minis Motorised Raceway || Review

My boys are just like all the other children out there LOVE  ADORE Thomas the Tank.

When we were offered to review the Thomas & Friends Mini Motorised Raceway from Fisher Price I had to say yes!

It was simple to build, in just a few clicks it was ready.
Which was rather handy as I had three very impatient boys eager to get on and play.

The Thomas and Friends Mini Motorised Raceway Features a vertical drop, 360 degree loop track and gravity-defying curve track.

The first track is the "water track" - sending your MINIS down the "waterfall" and right into a 360 degree loop!
Swivel Cranky the Crane to swoop in and rescue your MINIS! As your MINIS engines pick up speed, they jump over the gap and land on the track ahead in thrilling daredevil fashion
The final track seems headed for nowhere... but have no fear, as your MINIS will simply roll off the edge, defying gravity and rolling upside down along the inverted sky track.
Playset includes Thomas and James MINIS engines.
Multiple MINIS can ride along the tracks at the same time.

The boys were beyond impressed with the track, it did take  them a moment to understand that they didn't really need to touch the engines to make them move, not unless the fell off or got stacked up behind each other.

They loved switching the tracks and watching the engines race down the three different ways.
They had fun trying to beat the engines before they reached the top to get it switched to a different track.

There favourite was the water track, watching the trains loop the loop made the giggle with delight.

After a while the twins went off and played war in the bedroom but Rupert sat and watched the trains for the rest of the day.

He is so smitten with this new toy that he has it on every day.
It is turning into a bit of a toy that he goes off to plays with when he needs calming down.
After watching the trains go round and round he has forgotten what irritated him in the first place and is ready to get back to being his happy little self.

To be honest I don't think this would have been a toy that I would have ever thought of buying, but seeing the joy its bought the boys, it's definitely shaken me up to a new way of thinking.

The mini engines are very sweet and I have found a couple in Ru's pockets at the end of a day.
I can see myself treating him to some new Mini's every now and then and maybe even see what else is in the Thomas & Friends Mini collection.

After all Christmas is only around the corner!

You can find this Thomas & Friends Mini Motorised Raceway over on Amazon for £34.99

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