Monday 5 September 2016

Back to School Blues

It was back to school for Noah this morning.
He's starting YEAR 4!!!

As you can see he wasn't filled with joy.

He found the fact that the twins don't start until next week very unfair,
He didn't like his new uniform and he didn't want to start a new school.
He's still also very annoyed that his new hair cut isn't what he wanted it to be!

Starting a new school isn't easy, but he knows he makes friends instantly and thanks to the settling in days he had before the end of term, he made some friends.
I just hope he comes home with a smile on his face.

I'm having to go out today to buy him a new bag, as I just got them all school branded book bags thinking that's what they had to have, but no turn up this morning and everyone has fancy new back packs on.

So even he does return home grumpy, at least he'll have something new to get happy about.

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