Wednesday 28 September 2016

PenPals And Smiggle

Over the summer holidays I teamed up with the guys from Smiggle for the campaign

Noah was teamed up with daughter Bluebell.

When I was younger I loved writing to different pen-pals,
I had one in France, one in Germany and one in England.
The excitement of waiting for their letters to arrive after I had posted mine was great.
Something you don't get from an email.
I wanted Noah to understand how exciting snail mail can be.

Smiggle sent him everything he could possibly need to write his very first letter,
a notepad,
colouring pencils,
coloured gel pens,
a prepaid envelope,
a rubber and a snap bracelet that is also a ruler!

Having all the letter writing gear from Smiggle help make it more exciting, as Noah has been after some Smiggle goodies for a while.

Noah's not the best writer and would rather draw than write a sentence, so I though doing his letter would be great for him, as he'd see writing isn't always boring and its not just something you have to do at school.

I'm sure its a boy thing, as soon as I could write I was writing lists and letters and anything.
Boys I don't think get the joy that comes from putting pen to paper.

With a bit of encouragement Noah got stuck into writing his letter to Bluebell.

Noah didn't just want to send a letter he was more excited about sending Bluebell a drawing.
Noah is really amazing when it comes to drawing, and if I was him I would want to send my pictures to everyone!

Once all was done, he was more than happy to run along to the post office and push his letter through the big red post box!

Noah waiting rather impatiently for his letter from Bluebell and when it arrived he ripped it open with a massive smile on his face.
Bluebell had used her secret spy pen, so once I told Noah this he ran upstairs to find his and to uncover her secret message!

Since receiving his letter Noah is now wanting to find more pen pals.
So I'm now on a hunt for letter writing buddies for No.
If you have a child around his age and they wanted a pen pal let me know in either the comments below or by email me and we can hopefully sort something out.


A big thanks to Smiggle UK for sending us the goodies!

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