Wednesday 14 September 2016

Not Babies Any More

This week has seen the twins walk into a new life chapter!

Starting School!!

I wasn't 100% sure they were ready, but it turns out they were and I wasn't!
Watching them walk to school in their uniforms was so bizarre, something I didn't think would happen so soon.

I kept thinking back to seeing them in their incubators hours after they were born and surely they were still far too little to be going to school!

The twins have loved this week, they were ready to start last week when Noah did, and found it unfair they weren't allowed to go.

This week they are only going for half days, next week will see them attending school properly, I've even signed them up for an after school club!
I'm not sure what came over me, Lego Club sounds fun and I'm sure they'll love it just as much as they love being in their class.

Their teacher is already smitten with them and their crazy behaviour from the past weeks has since disappeared!

Today I returned home from a mini spa break to find they had been given their FIRST EVER reading books!

They told me they could do work with me and we ever so keen to sit down and have me read their new books with them.

I'm so glad they are loving school, and I can't wait to see they handle a full school day next week!


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