Thursday 23 July 2020

Potion Making, Trampolines and Lockdown.

Life has been at a bit of a standstill for the last few weeks now and we haven't really left the house other than to venture out to Tesco's, I've been under the weather and haven't had the energy.

We have however been enjoying the weather and the garden, the twins got a trampoline for their birthday, something all the boys have wanted for a while but we've never agreed to have one, but with the lockdown in place and wanting them to get off their games consoles we decided that a trampoline may be the best way to go about getting them out in the garden more, we weren't wrong and they've been on it pretty much every day since it was built.

During the heatwave, the paddling pool came back out and the boys were constantly in it splashing about and finally getting their pasty white bodies a slight tan, so now they look a bit more healthy and their freckles are out looking lovely.

While I've been under the weather I've been trying to use my time wisely, so I treated myself to some new watercolours and have been practising a few technics, nothing to show off just yet though.

I've also pass my second part of my 1st year at uni, I was very pleased with my results and I can't wait to start my next module - Telling Stories: the novel and beyond.

Ru has been enjoying potion making in the garden this week, he's loved running around finding different things to mix up, usually, it's the wildflowers that are growing that he likes to pick and other times its just grass and mud. 

It's lovely seeing him use his imagination and get creative and not being scared to get a little dirty.

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