Tuesday 28 July 2020

Rainy Day Walk In The Woods

With me feeling under the weather recently we haven't been out as much as normal and we were all starting to miss the fresh air. 

For our woodland walks, we always go off to Wolferton but have found since Sandringham started charging for parking Wolferton has become much busier than normal, especially during sunny days. We have turned up only to find no space to park and the small roads overcome with parked cars in any spare space.
So we have been staying away and going to a closer by woods that is only really used by locals, but with Monday morning a bit of a washout and the dog really needing a walk we decided to coat the boys up and just head off to Wolferton.

I had to dig about for coats as I had just recently binned a few old winter coats and raincoats they've grown out of but I managed to find a few strays at the back of the cupboard.
When we got there, we were the only ones there which was a nice change. 
The boys all dashed out the car and headed into the reserve.
We are normally faced with a few 100 'I don't wanna walk' or 'Do we have too?' normally from Noah, but this time there were no moans or groans, definitely a bit of a win.
The only one who did get huffy was the dog, as he isn't a fan of the rain!

Even though it was raining it was still warm, and the views with the moody grey skies were lovely.
The boys all went hunting for bigfoot ..... apparently, he lives in Wolferton now.

Ru had a pair of old wellies on so was on the hunt for muddy puddles, it didn't take him long to find some and he was away having a whale of a time until he splashed too much and got it all up his front!

They definitely all need some new forest school kits!

I recently got a phone upgrade and I know have the portrait option on the camera, so I had a go with using it, unfortunately only Oscar and Ru happily posed for me. Noah is completely anti photos these days and Alex was too far in front of me to have his picture taken.

We found a few new dens in the woods, some had log seats in and some were still in the early stages of development.
The boys all loved checking inside the dens to see what was in them.

x Stay Safe x

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