Tuesday 15 June 2021

Helping Your Child Become More Optimistic

Helping your child to foster an optimistic attitude will give them the skills they need to deal with any challenges they encounter in life. Being optimistic will also boost your child’s happiness and motivate them to achieve their goals.

So how can you help your child to become more optimistic? Here is some great advice from an independent school for boys in London

Highlight the positives

If you want your child to be more optimistic, then you will need to teach them how by setting a good example. This means trying to avoid negative comments when something goes wrong and instead highlighting the positives. Teach your child to view mistakes as learning opportunities and always give them praise for trying hard even if they didn’t achieve their desired outcome.

Nurture a growth mind-set

Help to nurture a ‘growth mindset’ within your child by discussing the importance of resilience and perseverance. A growth mindset is an optimistic way of thinking, which will help to support your child through challenges and setbacks. Children with a growth mindset believe that their abilities will improve over time if they keep trying.

Give your child trust

Showing your trust in your child and giving them more responsibility will help them to develop an optimistic outlook. Allow your child to do more things on their own to help build their feelings of competency. For example, you could give your child a list of household jobs to help with, such as cleaning up or feeding a pet. 

Encourage gratitude

Finally, for an instant boost of optimism, encourage your child to think about all of the things they are grateful for. This can be anything from the weather to a person that they love. You could even encourage your child to keep a gratitude journal, in which they write down everything that makes them happy each day. Practising daily gratitude is such an effective technique for improving mental health and maintaining an optimistic attitude. 

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