Wednesday 2 June 2021

Sunshine, haircuts and new houses

Well helloooooo sunshine!!!
How nice is the weather at the moment?

I know it will probably disappear as quickly as it arrived, but we are definitely making the most of it.

We finally got the twins and Ru hair appointments much to their disappointment, they wanted their hair cut but they also wanted to carry on growing it. After a pep talk from Jon, they were more than happy to go and have it all chopped off for the summer, They probably grow it back when the weather gets colder again.
Ru is always wanting his hair cut so he practically ran all the way to the barbers.

Last week we went to view the new house again and get some measurements so we can get prepared for moving in.
It was nice going back, as everything seemed bigger and more exciting, we took Noah along with us as he was off from school due to feeling under the weather and he has been on the fence about moving but once he saw the house he fell in love with it just like we did.
We also took a virtual tour of the new school we are hoping he gets into and he really liked the look of it.

Over the Bank holiday weekend, we went over to Jon's parents' house and the boys all got to splash around in the pool and Bea had her first hot tub experience.
She loved it, which wasn't a surprise as she is a big bath fan.
I was a bit apprehensive about getting into a swimming costume, but once in the hot tub and seeing Bea smile I completely forgot about my insecurities. 

Also in the last few weeks, we have cracked the laying down to feed position, which means we are getting more sleep coming nighttime! I'm also finding that I'm waking up before Bea and being able to get dressed and get the boys breakfast before she wakes, which is really helpful during the week when getting ready for the school run.

Jon turned 35 last week and me and the boys got him a little cake and popped some bunting up whilst he was at work, he usually doesn't get much fuss on his birthday so he was pleasantly surprised when he came home.

I dug out Ru's Oscha ring sling to get a snap of Bea in it, as I have a photo of Ru in it just like this, which I shared over on my insta 

Other than that we haven't really been up to much.
Just the usual and now it's the half term we will probably have a few park trips and hang out in the garden.

My new favourite Lucy & Yak dungarees.
I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone and try more things, also trying to get my head around my weight gain is a slow process but I think I'm on the right road. 



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