Saturday 19 June 2021

4 months of loving Bea

 4 whole months of loving Bea!

I can't believe it, it feels like she's been part of our lives forever but then like she only entered the world yesterday.

She is our little ray of sunshine, she has brightened up all our lives since she arrived.

Bea has finally met her great granny! My Gran has been desperate for me to have a girl and was over the moon when I told her. In one year she has gained two great-granddaughters! She is feeling very blessed.

Bea has mastered rolling over and can now move around her playmat in a sort of push and pull motion.
We've just had to buy her a new playmat as her one is now much too small for her.

We also got her and all the boys baptised last weekend, and she was a little star and enjoyed the whole day.

She has also found her voice and likes to share her daily shouts with the world.
She also learned to giggle, though she doesn't do it much right now it is the best sound, and all the boys love trying to make her laugh. It has become a daily competition to see who can make her laugh first.

She is also starting to take notice of the four-legged furry ones.
She never really paid much attention to them before, but now if one of the pets walks past her she will follow them until they are out of her eyesight.

Sleep....she is sleeping but sometimes it'll be on me, sometimes it'll be beside me and when it was really hot she actually slept in her crib beside my bed.
However she does it, she does it. She'll still have night feeds and to be fair I can't see them stopping anytime soon but I don't mind as she goes right back to sleep afterwards.

Bea is also teething now, my mum bought her an amber necklace as all the boys had one and I swore they helped.
She also enjoys munching down on her Sophie la girafe.
I'm excited for her to get her teeth but worried for me at the same time, I haven't breastfed a baby with teeth before!

Now she's on the move slightly and is able to hold things, I'm starting to look for toys to keep her entertained.
If anyone has any recommendations for some good sensory or developmental toys please let me know!

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