Tuesday 22 June 2021

The Benefits of the Arts In Education

Does your child love music, dancing and drama? These subjects offer countless benefits to your child’s education and play an important role in developing their communication, creativity and problem-solving skills.

I have collaborated with a performing arts school in North London to explore more of the reasons why these creative subjects are an important part of your child’s education…


Drama lessons are a great way to build a child’s self-esteem. Speaking clearly and confidently in front of others isn’t easy for all children. However, these skills can be developed through drama exercises. Learning to play an instrument can also help to increase confidence. This is because music provides many ‘levels’ of learning and accomplishments. This motivates children to reach new musical grades and gives them a sense of pride when they are achieved.

Encourages Teamwork 

Performing arts encourages solidarity within a class. Teamwork is important for children to learn because it will allow them to form friendships and work together in order to reach a shared goal. Additionally, through these creative subjects students will be exposed to many different opinions and perspectives, and receive feedback and advice. This will teach children how to respect, support and encourage each other.

Enhances Literacy Skills

In drama classes children will learn about famous plays and practice script reading. Not only will this help to improve your child’s reading skills, but it will also introduce them to different ways of using language, extend their vocabulary and advance their spelling and punctuation. This will help greatly when it comes to creative writing exercises in English lessons.

Behind the scenes

Finally, if your child’s school like to put on a show, they may have an opportunity to experience different activities that go on behind the scenes. For example, they may have a chance to get involved in costume making or set design. School shows also provide an opportunity for students to help with lighting and sound, or even experience filming and photography.


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