Thursday 20 May 2021

A peak into Bea's summer wardrobe

Come on Sunshine where are you?!?!
Bea has some lovely bits and I'm desperate to get her in them.

I thought I'd share some of the latest pieces that have recently been bought for Miss Bea.

First of my favourite...
Little Bird by Jools Oliver is back!! On the day of the launch, I couldn't help but snatch these two little outfits up for Bea.
I loved Little Bird when Ru was little and always lusted after the girl bits, so I was over the moon to here of the relaunch with Next.

I cannot wait to see Bea and her chunky thighs in these two outfits.

On Friday's Jon has made a little tradition where he'll pop into Morrisons on his way home to buy something nice for tea and a treat for Bea.

He is on a winning streak.
Everything he has picked out I have loved.
Not bad for a bearded viking.

You can't beat a nice cardi, and these are some of the new ones we have for Bea.
I do keep seeing the knitted ones with names on the back all over Instagram and do keep telling myself I want one, but I'm thinking ill probably wait until I see one I really like and then get it for her when she's 1 - so that she can get a bit more wear out of it, and you can see the back as she'd be walking around then.

The first two are from Morrisons and the second is from Tesco's that I managed to grab in a half-price sale.

Bit's that she's already enjoying are these pair of dungarees rompers from Next.

Something for the future.
As I pretty much spend my time scrolling through Instagram whilst feeding Bea I always come across pretty handmade dresses, one really caught my eye from Betty & Flo so I sent it to Jon who also really liked it.
He decided to buy it buuuuuuuut unfortunately, he didn't pick the right style of dress, or even in the right size - so we ended up with this one, which is just as sweet and will look lovely on her eventually, Jon can't quite remember what the sizing was, but my guess is age 1+

Now if someone could stop the rain and bring out the sunshine I would be more than happy!


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