Thursday 13 May 2021

The Benefits of Extra-Curricular Activities for Children

Extra-curricular activities are a wonderful way for children to learn and to grow in confidence. Not only teaching practical skills but also social skills, extra-curricular activities can really boost a child’s development.


When should my child begin extra-curricular activities?

 You can’t start soon enough. Even when your child is a baby, fun baby classes are their first experience of extra-curricular clubs. This can grow as they do and you can seek out activities that interest them such as sports or arts-related clubs.


Finding the right fit 

 It’s not always a simple matter to find the right fit for your child. Some children struggle to know what they’d like to do and might try a number of activities before they land on the right one. For this reason, most clubs offer free trials so you don’t need to sign up for a whole term.


Another good option for a child who doesn’t have any special interests is Scouts, Cubs, Brownies and Girl Guides. These clubs explore so many different activities in a fun and safe environment that even the most uncertain children will enjoy them. The strong feeling of camaraderie which can come with these groups is particularly good for children who might struggle socially.


Some ideas to start with

 Here are some ideas for clubs and activities which might not have occurred to you.

·      Rowing clubs

·      Cricket

·      Rugby

·      Horse riding

·      Ice skating

·      Gymnastics

·      Dance lessons

·      Chess club

·      Debating

·      Sailing


There are so many wonderful extra-curricular activities available today that there really is something for everyone. The best schools have extra-curricular activities included as part of their general curriculum and students can take part if they choose.


Schools like this private school in Beaconsfield really take extra-curricular activities to the next level with enough choice that students can enjoy a real variety of different activities and sports.

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