Wednesday 19 May 2021

Top Tips for Helping Your Child with Maths

Maths isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time let’s face it. Some children find it a really stressful part of the school and it’s vital that parents help them as much as possible. 

Maths can be fun and that’s the key to helping your child to cope with it even when it’s not their favourite subject. Here are some top tips for helping your child learn maths effectively without getting upset:


Make sure your child understands why maths matters


Don’t just tell a child that they should work hard at maths. Children are sensitive and need to know the real reasons behind things. A good approach is to show them real-life examples of maths at work.


At the supermarket, show them how to read prices and then help them add up on a calculator as you shop. This is more exciting than working from a book and the practical application will help the lessons sink in.


Why not bake with your child and demonstrate how to weigh and measure the ingredients for a favourite cake?

Stay with them as they learn


This is especially important for reluctant mathematicians! The company during work time helps children feel they are supported. And you’re there to turn to if they get stuck. Read through homework assignments and help your child to understand what is needed to succeed. 

This prep school in Kent provides extra support for children who struggle with maths and that includes extra homework if needed.

Be positive always


All children need to hear positivity. Understanding how things work is one thing but when they don’t understand, it’s really important that you let them know that they will ‘get it in the end. If you suspect your child needs more support than you can provide, get them a tutor and let your child know that this is a positive action to take.


Talk to your child’s teacher to find out the best ways to help them effectively and remember that maths can be very challenging, so your child needs to know you’re on their side. Keep an open dialogue with school and always try to keep things fun! 

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