Saturday 8 May 2021

Mum life // Ups and Downs

Last weekend was the first time I have really struggled with having a new baby, I had been pretty smug up until then.
She was feeding like a pro, she was happy and rarely cried, she didn't like to be put down for naps or bedtime but I could deal with that.

Up until Friday last week when Bea decided she was going to become really fussy on the breast.

She would latch on and then bite down and pull her head around.
Which resulted in me crying and getting very sore and her screaming for most of the weekend.
I was in such a state, and I had no idea why she was doing it.

I questioned my supply and started to pump in the rare moment she was calm in her bouncer, or when Jon was holding her.
Pumping gave me a little boost as I could see I was providing enough.
But that didn't stop her fussing.

By Sunday I was stood in Tescos in front of the formula and bottles in tears thinking maybe I wasn't what Bea needed.

I decided I would give it a few more days and see how we got on, I made sure I had all my nipple creams handy and pulled on my big girl pants. I really want to breastfeed and quitting at our first hurdle wasn't going to be the way.

By Monday Bea was nearly back to feeding nicely and I was starting to feel less sore and less like a failure.
I have a 90-minute appointment with a doula on Wednesday just to have some help with feeding and settling Bea, so I'm looking forward to that, I have also joined lots of breastfeeding support groups on Facebook!
Thank god for the internet!

Along with the issues with breastfeeding I have found myself becoming a victim of baby-brain, I keep forgetting important things and it's starting to drive me crazy. 


In other news, we sold our house this week and have also put an offer on a new one.
Now Bea is here we decided we did really need to find a 5-bed house and with Jon's new work being a good hour away, we all thought it would be better to be closer to there so that we would see him more.

So on Tuesday Jon, Bea and I went off house hunting.
We went to view a beautiful farmhouse which was built in the 1700s!
Wooden beams everywhere and beautifully big fireplaces.
It's in a tiny village and not too far from Norwich.

Our offer was accepted and now we are just in the process of getting all the legal bits and pieces sorted and hopefully we'll be able to get in there before the stamp duty discount ends.

Fingers crossed.
I can't wait to share the new place on the blog.

Bea turned 3 months this week, and I still can't believe we have a little lady in the house.

As the week has gone on her feeding habits have gone back to being like those of a pro and the fussiness seems to have gone back to wherever it came from.

3 months of exclusively breastfeeding, that is such an achievement for me and I'm proud I didn't give up last weekend. 


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