Monday 17 May 2021

Days Out // Banham Zoo

For Ru's 7th birthday we decided to treat him to a surprise visit to Banham Zoo.
He had asked to go to the zoo for his 6th birthday but due to lockdown, we weren't able to. This year his request was to go to the local park, so I like to think we trumped his idea!

We booked our tickets online and got an early slot time to arrive, so we could make the most of the day.
We packed a little picnic and set off straight after breakfast and present opening.
Ru was pretty excited but halfway there he decided he just wanted to go home.

it took just over an hour for us to get there and once we arrived all the boys were excited.

The boys spotted the play park and wanted to go in, so Jon bought a coffee and I decided it would be a good time to feed Bea.
The boys loved the big slides and we barely saw them for at least half an hour. 
Once the park started to fill up and Bea was finished off we went on a tiger hunt!

Unfortunately, the tiger was on holiday in sunny Suffolk due to the zoo updating his enclosure so we'll have to come back again to see him.

The boys loved seeing the giraffes up close and personal.

The seals were a firm favourite, we got to their pool right on feeding time and the boys all agreed it was one of the highlights of the day. They loved seeing the seals jump around trying to catch the fish.

The zoo was set up well with a one-way system and lots of hand sanitisers were everywhere you could possibly need them.
Everyone kept to the social distancing rule and took it in turns to look into the enclosures.
It has been one of the busiest places we have all been to as a family since all the lockdowns but because everyone was sticking to the rules and the way the zoo had put in place their restrictions it was an enjoyable experience. 

Ru had an awesome birthday and enjoyed spending some of his birthday money in the gift shop on the way out.

We'll definitely be going back to Banham Zoo, especially seeing as the new house is only about 20 minutes away.


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