Friday 14 May 2021

Mum life // Trying to increase my milk supply and save my mental health.

Lately, the constant worry of my milk supply has been growing heavily on my mind and driving me a little crazy if I'm honest.

I'm becoming obsessed that I'm not making enough, 
I'm constantly googling how many ounces should my baby be drinking and then comparing that to the amount I pump on the odd occasion after Bea has already feed.

Last Tuesday I had a clogged up duct which was excruciating and I was worried it would turn into mastitis so I pumped 3 times as well as having Bea feed from it to help clear it and I only managed to get 6 ounces out and when I saw on the back of a formula box that a baby of her age should be drinking 6 ounces a feed I really started to question myself.

I know when I look at Bea and see how happy and content she is and the fact she is producing enough wet and dirty nappies I know deep down she is getting the right amount yet I still find myself worrying.

I  broke down in tears the other day as she fed and fussed on me that I told myself I was just going to give up and buy some formula - all the boys had bottles and she could as well.
I really didn't think I could do it anymore.
My mental health really seems to have taken a big hit with all the worry.

I went to Tescos and bought a box of formula and one bottle. 
I got home and just stared at the box and decided I didn't really want to give up and I was just having a bad day, so I decided to put the box and bottle away out of sight and carry on.

I can do this,.. I know I can do this!!

Bea feeds really well and only on the odd occasion will fuss and pull on me but always comes away from the breast with a full mouth of milk dribble. 

I decided to help put my mind at ease I bought myself some HOTTEA MAMA milks up tea, as I had read some great reviews about it helping to increase milk supply.
 I also stocked up on some of my favourite nipple cream and breast oil to help soothe my currently sore nips thanks to Bea's fussing.

I know my worries are silly and that she is getting enough but it is a little too easy to compare yourself to others on social and google isn't really the place to go for reassurance.

Hopefully, I can combat my anxieties when it comes to Bea and feeding and start to relax a little and start to believe in my own abilities and my body being able to give Bea what she needs.

Any breastfeeding tips and tricks would be most welcome. 



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