Wednesday 21 July 2021

Helping Your Child Settle Into A New School

A new school awaits your child and so does a whole range of nerves, new students, different subjects and teachers to get used to. 

Whether they’re changing schools in-between years or advancing to high school it can be a daunting prospect that can be made easier if there are a few changes made at home. We’ve teamed up with an institution that specialises in International Education to provide a few ways you can help your child as a parent.

Make the school drop-off easy on them

When they’re younger the school drop-off should be as stress-free as it can be. Arriving 10 minutes early may help your child manage the struggle of dealing with hundreds of other parents and children arriving at the same time. Alternatively, say goodbye to them from home and let them go with a friend or a relative to drop them off if they associate home with being safe and secure. 

Take the pressure off them when they’re at home

With your child being a bit more stressed when they go to a new school, they may be acting differently when they’re at home. This could be because they’re venting out anger or general stress from school - allow this at your own discretion. 

They could be holding in a lot of emotions from their first few weeks at a new school and until they settle in they may be reacting differently. The key is to be a bit more lenient when this happens until they begin to get used to their new routine.

Keep an eye on their routine

There are a few changes to their morning schedule, but the foundations will still be there. Check in to make sure your child’s having enough sleep, going to bed at the right time and is feeling well in the mornings. 

Food is also integral too; you may be worried if your child starts to eat less but try to give them some pick-me-ups throughout the day instead - like adding their favourite snack to their lunchbox.

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