Thursday 8 July 2021

5 whole months of Bea

5 months already!!
Where is the time going?

5 whole months of exclusively breastfeeding Bea, the longest I've ever made it with any of the kids!
it's now like second nature, on the odd occasion ill get a sore nipple but otherwise, we are all good.

She has found her voice recently and loves to use it, she will chat away to anyone who will listen and if no one wants to, she'll only get louder. Her little personality is really starting to shine through.
She's very cheeky.

At the moment she loves nibbling away at her toes, and she has nearly mastered sitting up unaided.
She can last a minute before she faceplants the floor.

Bea is a proper little bumblebee and loves being outside and looking at all the flowers and hearing the birds tweet away.

We bought Bea her highchair this week, it was something we were going to do once we'd moved but now that's not happening and we are stuck at Jon's parents for a while we decided we just get it as she is pretty much ready to start her weaning adventure.

I love Cosatto so I went with the Heidi design as it suits her bumblebea (see what I did there?!) nature!
Pretty flowers for my little wildflower.
Along with the fab designs, Cosatto do they also come with a four-year guarantee!!
We had a hand-me-down Cosatto highchair for one of the twins and then that went on to be used with Ru and it never ever broke so I know Bea is in good hands with her own one.

I think Bea is ready for weaning now, so in the next couple of days, I'll be starting her messy journey.

She still isn't the best at sleeping but we are getting there, little achievements of being able to put her down in her crib or on the bed for her naps or at bedtime are getting longer and she seems a bit more content without being in my arms constantly.

Things are at a bit of a stand still as we are crammed into Jon's parents and there isn't much room but I would love to get her a bouncearoo as I'm pretty certain she would love that!
Any recommendations on a good one would be helpful.



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