Tuesday 27 July 2021

Pretty flowers, swimming and lazy days

School is officially over for the summer and we're still homeless.
We have been staying at Jon's parents whilst the boys were still at school but now we have ventured down to London to stay with my parents until we can move into the new house, which hopefully will be in a couple of weeks.

In the run-up to the holidays, I had to do a bit of running around getting bits of the information to the estate agents and whilst doing so I found the cutest little sweet shop in Downham market called Mabels, so I treated us all to a couple of bags of pick a mix.

Bea also had her first dip in the swimming pool which she really enjoyed, but I couldn't keep her in for too long as the sun was too hot and I didn't have her UV suit as that's packed away, I have since managed to buy one from Sainsbury's, so once we're back at the in-laws ill be able to use it. 

Bea also had a little playdate with my friends and one of their younger sons.
She wasn't too fussed, but it was nice to get out of the in-laws and see some of my friends.

Just before we headed to my mums I went and had my hair cut and coloured.
I can't really rave about my haircut experience as it wasn't all that great, my hair looks nice enough and all the dead ends are gone but just wasn't what I really wanted, but I did get some nice bumble & bumble treats to use.

The boys have all started doing martial arts on a Saturday rather than twice throughout the week due to the move, so Jon and I get two hours with Bea to do as we please, so last week we went for coffee at the Norfolk Deli Cafe and we were really impressed with their new flower wall.

I've been buying some nice little bits for the new house, I really can't wait to do Bea's room!
There are just so many nice bits on Etsy, I've had to put my card away to stop me from buying it all.

We took the boys to Sculthorpe nature reserve last Sunday for a stroll and it was lovely, it was nice getting some fresh air and seeing the boys off their consoles and looking at nature.
Unfortunately we couldn't peel Noah away so he stayed with Jon's parents.


I'm hoping to do a few trips into London whilst we're here, it's just a case of planning it and making sure I have someone around to lend a hand as Jon is still in Norfolk working.



  1. Good luck. I hope the move into your new house goes to plan this time. It sounds like you have been having a lovely time. Gorgeous photos. x

  2. Thank you.
    We are definitely trying to make the most of it
    Hope you and the girls are well xx

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