Tuesday 27 July 2021

Tips for Discussing Peer Pressure with Your Child

Your child may be pressured in beneficial ways, like trying a new activity for the first time or joining a club with friends they know. 

But there are also other ways your child can be pressured into doing things that worry parents often - skipping a school lesson, cheating on a school test or even more extreme things such as alcohol or shoplifting. 

The teenage years are turbulent for a lot of parents, but there are healthy ways to approach your child and have conversations with them about things you’re worried about.


Here are some ways to talk to your child about peer pressure and strategies to overcome them from this independent school in Hertfordshire.

Talking to your child

There are a few ways to approach this situation. Start by talking calmly to your child about their feelings. When you’re a teenager a lot of emotions can be at play, but allowing your child to be able to express themselves freely will help you understand them too. 

It’s important to acknowledge your child’s feelings regardless of what you may feel about them.


Knowing your child’s friends will help you gauge what interests they have and what your child might also sway towards in time. 

Invite them over for a sleepover or for dinner to better understand their relationship with your child and encourage honest but relaxed conversations. 

Your child will also appreciate you taking an interest in their lives.


Pay attention to your child’s thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they may come home reserved or upset about something and run-up to their bedroom. 

This is when you should come to their aid and ensure you can identify your child’s feelings.


Model conversations that encourage your child to say no. Show that saying no is an acceptable response to a situation that they’re not comfortable with. 

Practice saying no with your child and praise your child for making healthy and responsible choices when they’re identified.

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