Friday 20 August 2021

Helping Your Child Deal with Exam Stress

Whether your child is preparing for GCSEs or for A-Levels, stress is an unfortunate reality of this period for many teenagers. Most children understand that exam results have an impact on their future plans. It’s vital that parents recognise the signs of stress and more importantly, teach their children how to deal with the pressures as they arise.


Coping strategies for exam stress


It’s a rare student who doesn’t worry about exams at all. Most children will have some periods of worry. Talk to your child about stress and the risks of it before they get to the revision stage of examinations. Also, discuss strategies they can adapt to keep the worries at bay. Here are some of the things you can discuss with them in advance of exams – knowledge is power and preparation is key to minimising stress:


·      How long the revision period will last

·      How many hours of study are required

·      Which subjects they need to concentrate on

·      What would happen if they failed

·      How they could salvage the situation 


A lot of worries is down to fear of the unknown. By informing your child of the facts related to exams, you’re empowering them to cope better. Equally, letting them know that it’s not the end of the world if they should fail is an important part of helping them to see the realities of life. Sometimes things don’t work out as we want them to. That’s fine – a change of plan is not a problem if it’s managed properly.


Preparing your child for exam success


Obviously, the best way to help your child succeed in their exams is through preparation and study. Not all teenagers struggle with this – some enjoy it and if their school or college supports them with extra sessions, all the better. This independent college in Somerset does just that and it shows in the results.

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